Professional referrals

We require all prospective tenants to be referred by a professional. GP, social worker, drug and alcohol worker, housing organisation or any other agency involved in housing or support. If you’re a professional looking to make a referral, please use our online referral form as a first step. We will respond to this within 5 working days with next steps.

Get in touch

If you are a professional please fill in our on line referral form found here or call for more help and advice.

How to refer


Give us a call

If you’d like to make a professional referral, please call us now, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Whether it’s a simple question or a complex issue, we’re here to provide expert support and personalised solutions. No question is too large or too small. Don’t hesitate, reach out today 01603 439905.


Fill in our form

If you are a professional supporting a woman in need of housing please click on the link below and fill our referral form. If you need assistance to do this please call our team on 01603 439905.


Response within 48 hours

Our team will respond to you within 48 hours as the process of assessing your referral starts. We can provide an answer at this point as to whether we have a suitable vacancy and if your referral has met our criteria.

Our secure online referral portal is operated by Ecco. Please click the link below to access the form, which will open in a new window.

We accept…

Women from all backgrounds

Our housing warmly welcomes women from diverse backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and providing a safe, supportive environment regardless of ethnicity, culture, or experiences.

Women who are facing challenges

Our housing offers a compassionate haven for women confronting challenges. We provide a supportive space to navigate difficulties, empowering them to regain stability and thrive despite adversities.

Women who are committed

We embrace women who are dedicated to us and to forging a fresh path ahead. Our housing empowers their commitment to create a promising future, fostering growth and positive change. We work together in an empowering relationship.

We can’t accept…

Severe mental health problems

No right to housing benefit

History of arson

History of sexual offences

Recent history of violence

As a senior Resettlement Worker for St Martins Housing Trust working from the Somewhere Safe to Stay Hub, Norwich in this role it’s not just about moving our clients on as soon as possible but just as importantly, to the most appropriate accommodation for said clients. So when I had a female client serious about making changes in her life to enable her to move on in a positive way referring her into Hebron was a fantastic opportunity to do so. Hebron tick all the boxes in this respect, excellent team of knowledgeable and experienced support workers and staff, fantastic accommodation superbly equipped, lovely neighbourhood all neatly wrapped up in a secure and safe environment for their residents. So if you work with female clients in need of a move on that are committed to make constructive, positive steps to do so then I honestly couldn’t think of a better service than Hebron.

Useful downloads

Our support leaflet

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Hebron at the heart leaflet

Read how Hebron Housing has evolved to support women in our local community.

Staff members at Hebron Housing

Dedicated assistance, fostering independence through tailored guidance, community integration, and responsive care for an enriched and empowered living experience.

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Modern kitchen interior

Our houses are safe, secure and comfortable places. We believe all women deserve to live in spaces that inspire and empower.

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A door plaque for Hebron House

Bill and Norma Gordon began the project which was to become Hebron House back in 1987.

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