Who is it for?

Are you seeking more than just a place to stay? Our supported housing for women is a transformative journey towards independence and strength. Any woman in need of housing and support who is able to access housing benefit could become a Hebron Housing tenant.

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Call one of our team who is ready to help you make the move on 01603 439905.

If you are a professional please fill in our on line referral form or call for more help and advice.

We can support…

Women from all backgrounds

Your journey matters, and so does your background. Our supported housing for women is a welcoming haven for all, irrespective of where you come from.

Discover a safe space that celebrates diversity and respects your individuality. Join a community where women from all walks of life uplift and inspire each other. Empowerment knows no bounds: We believe in your potential, regardless of your history or experiences. Step into a future free from housing worries, and embark on a journey of growth and independence.

Dive into a life where your background enriches the tapestry of our community. Reach out today to take the first step toward a brighter, empowered tomorrow. Your unique story is welcome here!

Women who are facing challenges

Your resilience inspires us. Our supported housing for women is designed to uplift those who’ve faced challenges. We honour your journey, creating a space where your triumphs shine. Join a community of women who understand and uplift one another. Our support is personalised, respecting the hurdles you’ve conquered. We see the strength within you, regardless of the challenges you’ve faced. Step into a future where housing concerns are left behind, as you embrace growth and independence.

Your challenges are part of your story, not your limit. Reach out today to embark on a path toward a brighter, empowered tomorrow. Your journey is admired and celebrated here! 

Women who are committed

Your belief fuels us. Our supported housing for women welcomes those committed to their journey. We’re here for women who believe in their dreams and ability. Join a community of like-minded women who uplift and encourage one another. We stand behind your goals, providing tailored assistance. We recognise your commitment and unwavering faith in yourself. Step into a future where housing worries fade, replaced by growth and self-reliance.

Your commitment and belief are catalysts for success. We are here to welcome you as you embark on a journey toward an empowered tomorrow. Your dedication lights up our community!

“Hebron has and continues to save my life, I have a new chapter and I am learning to love independently in a safe and nurturing environment which is so homely.” 

We can’t support…

Severe mental health problems

No right to housing benefit

History of arson

History of sexual offences

Recent history of violence

Thanks to the team at Hebron Housing for providing an excellent service for my friend. They kept me informed of what was happening before she moved in with times and dates, and when she moved in. I was allowed to help move her belongings in and was astonished with the tip top spotless accommodation and welcoming service they provided and caring atmosphere, which I think will help with her mental health issues. I wish very much this service should be for all people who are homeless or have mental health issues and very well done to all the workers who put this excellent service together. Thank you to all.

Women sitting in a circle supporting each other

Dedicated assistance, fostering independence through tailored guidance, community integration, and responsive care for an enriched and empowered living experience.

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Women in a comfortable sitting room, watching television

Our houses are safe, secure and comfortable places. We believe all women deserve to live in spaces that inspire and empower.

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Interior of the IT suite

All women deserve to live in dignity and safety. They should have access to opportunities that will enrich and empower their lives.

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