At Hebron Housing, we provide a safe and supportive home for women who commit to developing the skills and confidence they need to create a future for themselves filled with love, happiness and hope.

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Support guidance and respect for women.

A home should be a sanctuary where women feel secure and empowered. It’s about understanding their unique needs, providing resources, and fostering an environment where they can thrive. Every woman deserves secure housing as a fundamental right.

We are more than just a house.

Supported housing transcends physical structures. It embodies safety, dignity, and empowerment for individuals who need assistance due to various challenges. Beyond providing a house, we offer a nurturing community, and personalised guidance. This holistic approach restores lives and cultivates independence, underscoring the profound impact of supportive housing.

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Hebron Housing provide a safe, sustainable, and empowering and uplifting environment, for single females who have faced a multitude of challenges in their lives and at a time of feeling forgotten, desperate, frightened, hopeless, and overwhelmed.

A time to reflect, repair and re-build emotional and physical lives where they may feel valued, contribute, work toward an agreed restorative realistic plan , re-enable and regain a sense of purpose with a team of committed staff throughout the Hebron team, with a commitment toward sustaining longer term suitable housing.

An oasis of containment, safety, and reciprocity: Hebron values to the core.

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Women who wish to change their life, in need of housing and help.

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We accept referrals from all professionals. Please click the link to make a referral. In doubt, please call 01603 439905. Our team is ready to help you through the referral process.

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All women deserve to live in dignity and safety. They should have access to opportunities that will enrich and empower their lives.

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We’ve helped more than 400 women


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“Hebron has and continues to save my life, I have a new chapter and I am learning to live independently in a safe and nurturing environment which is so homely.” 

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