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Empowering women step by step, we provide tailored support through mentorship, skill-building workshops, and a nurturing community. From personal growth to professional development, we’re committed to helping women overcome challenges, gain confidence, and achieve their aspirations, fostering a journey of strength and success.

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Call one of our team who are ready to help you make the move on 01603 439905.

If you are a professional please fill in our on line referral form or call for more help and advice.

In the first six months

You experience the beginning of your transformative journey. You receive personalised care assessments, access life skills training, forge connections within the community, and work on goal setting. With assistance in areas like daily tasks, emotional well-being, and integration, this period sets a strong foundation for increased independence and improved overall quality of life. By participating in our Living Well Together course you will also learn how to create a supportive and harmonious environment where everyone can thrive and co-exist peacefully.

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The staff at Hebron are understanding and always go the extra mile, and some, to help us; courses, meetings, sign posting, a listening ear, there is always at least one member on the other end of the phone 24/7.

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During your stay

Continuing the journey, the subsequent year in supported housing emphasises progress. You build on your skills, pursuing educational and vocational opportunities. Enhanced community integration, increased autonomy, and ongoing emotional support remain paramount. Regular reviews of goals and achievements further tailor the experience, ensuring your evolving needs are met, fostering sustained growth and a sense of accomplishment. You’ll also have access to our IT suite, offering a convenient and well-equipped space where you can work, study, and stay connected in an increasingly digital world.

Getting you ready to find your own way

After two transformative years in supported housing, you are prepared to embrace new horizons. Armed with acquired skills and boosted confidence, you’re empowered to transition toward independent living. Our support extends through this transition, offering guidance, resources, and a network of ongoing assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful integration into the next chapter of your life.

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After you leave

Our commitment doesn’t end when you move on. We’re a family, dedicated to your ongoing well-being. Regular check-ins, social events, and a support network ensure you’re never alone on your journey. From shared memories to future successes, we’re here, celebrating every step. Your story remains intertwined with ours, a testament to the enduring bond we share beyond your time in supported housing.

“I have been able to get involved with volunteering and do courses to aid my recovery and future. Thank you Hebron.”

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