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Hebron Trust is a registered charity.  Members have a say in how things are run.

Every year, there’s an AGM (Annual General Meeting). At this meeting, members (like the club’s shareholders) talk about the charity’s report (a document that shows what they did) and its accounts (a record of how they spent money). They also pick the leaders of the charity, known as Trustees. If the members aren’t happy with the leaders, they can choose new ones.

Between these meetings, the Trustees keep the members updated on what’s happening. Right now, there are four Trustees, which is a good number for the charity’s size and what it does.

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Interested in making a difference and shaping our organisation’s future? We’re looking for dedicated individuals to join our team of Trustees. If you’re passionate about our mission and have the skills to contribute, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to explore this exciting opportunity.

Nik Vitkovitch

Chair of Trustees

Nik is a Chartered Director, with many years of experience at Board level in private, public and charity sectors. He chaired the Board through the strategy process that resulted in expanding its supported housing business and closing the Trust’s residential rehab in 2023.

Steve Whitby


Steve retired as Ops Director of East Anglian Air Ambulance after a career in finance and accounting in private and charity sectors. He acts as the Trust’s Treasurer

Nigel Chapman


Nigel is a retired Risk professional, with a background in Finance.

Alison Vinall


Alison recently retired from a senior position the NHS and was a Council member of her professional College.

“As well as helping our women tenants with a home and, we hope, a pathway to a confident and independent life, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Our predecessors as trustees worked hard to gather our assets and build our reputation. As trustees today, we enjoy the responsibility of using those assets wisely to make a difference to many lives.”


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A door plaque for Hebron House

Bill and Norma Gordon began the project which was to become Hebron House back in 1987.

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All women deserve to live in dignity and safety. They should have access to opportunities that will enrich and empower their lives.

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Dedicated assistance, fostering independence through tailored guidance, community integration, and responsive care for an enriched and empowered living experience.

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Hebron Trust is a company limited by guarantee no.2802742