Are you helping someone else to find a new home?

Are you or someone you know seeking a safe haven and a fresh start? Our Supported Housing Program offers a nurturing environment tailored to empower women facing challenges such as domestic violence, homelessness, or exploitation.

Why choose our supported housing?

Safety First: Our secure facilities prioritise your safety, ensuring a worry-free environment.

Comprehensive Support: From one to one support to job training, we provide a holistic approach to empowerment.

Privacy and Dignity: Enjoy the comfort of your own space while being part of a supportive community.

Empowerment through Connection: Forge friendships and build a brighter future together.

For you or your client: If you’re an individual seeking refuge or a referral agent helping someone in need, our dedicated team is here for you! Visit us today! Discover how our supported housing can be your stepping stone to a renewed life. Contact us now on 01603 439905.

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How do I refer?

We accept referrals from all professionals. We have an online referral form. We process all referrals within 5 days.

Who can we help?

Women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction: Are houses are all abstinence based. We offer support through the 12 steps.

Survivors of Domestic Violence: Offering a secure space to heal, rebuild, and regain control.

Those Escaping Exploitation: Providing a sanctuary for women seeking to break free from exploitative situations.

Women Experiencing Homelessness: Extending a helping hand to those in need of stability and a fresh start.

Victims of Human Trafficking: Offering a path to restoration and a chance to reclaim their lives.

What additional support do we offer?

Help with identity documents.

Budget and debt advice.

Help with community living.

Access physical and mental health help and support.

Accessing voluntary or paid employment.

Finding training courses.

Sourcing new hobbies and pastimes.

“Hebron is where my life began. It gave me the tools I need to live an abstinence life and to the true authentic me.”

The exterior of a Hebron house

Our houses are safe, secure and comfortable places. We believe all women deserve to live in spaces that inspire and empower.

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All women deserve to live in dignity and safety. They should have access to opportunities that will enrich and empower their lives.

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Dedicated assistance, fostering independence through tailored guidance, community integration, and responsive care for an enriched and empowered living experience.

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