One of the most common questions we get asked when someone is considering entering rehab is “How long will I be in recovery?”. The answer is, simply, “a lifetime”.  Rehab itself is only the very  first step of the journey.

Here at Hebron House, we offer a safe, nurturing and supportive community environment in which to rehabilitate from drug and alcohol dependency and the life-dominating problems that serious  substance misuse can cause. However, whether someone stays 3 months, 6 months or longer, their recovery is only just beginning by the time they leave us.

Like  many chronic illnesses, there is no cure for substance abuse but it IS treatable. So very much like one would be in remission from a life-threatening disease, someone in recovery is not cured but they are managing their disease on a day-to-day basis. Rehab is the start of that journey because it teaches the tools for moving forward in life in a positive way. By helping someone to understand their triggers and temptations and thus, how to avoid them, helps pave the way for a successful life in recovery.

We also help teach practical skills which our residents can take with them on their road to recovery. Very often healthy habits, eating regular meals and keeping away from unnecessary risks are  overlooked when one is suffering an addition, so we help establish good habits for a healthy future. Furthermore, when residents graduate from Hebron House, they are not then expected to manage their recovery alone; like many rehabilitation centres, we have a comprehensive aftercare package which includes ongoing support such as relapse prevention and peer mentoring, as well as practical help with benefits advice and money management.

So whilst a lifetime seems a long time, we prefer to focus on the positive outcomes effective recovery can achieve; including maintained abstinence from substance abuse, a healthier lifestyle,  sustained independent living and restored family relationships.  Living each new day in recovery will make the lifetime possible.