It sounds strange, in the context of residential rehab, to talk about goals – surely the goal is to get sober? And indeed, that has to be the driving force. Without that commitment to get sober, rehab is unlikely to be successful.

However, alongside that primary focus there may well be underlying aims and objectives which rehab can absolutely help to address. Your concerns may well be practical – around housing or  employment for example. Most rehab centres will have the support in place to help tackle these issues and here at Hebron House our resettlement team is on hand to assist residents once they have finished their stay with us. This can mean facilitating a move into our own next step accommodation which is in the centre of Norwich or help with housing back in your home area. We can also help look at any debt issues or benefit problems. The resettlement team also plan with you for your departure helping you to find local meetings and a sponsor.

Residents may also have emotional or mental health needs which they would like to address. Our counsellors can help with relationships and emotional support. We also recognise that addiction often goes hand-in-hand with mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression and it is important to address these as part of your treatment. Here at Hebron, you will receive 2 counselling sessions a week as well as take part in many important workshops and groups dealing many of struggles that have been part of your addiction. Difficult issues such as trauma and abuse can be discussed within your counselling at a pace that you can cope with in order to process the pain in order to move on. Hebron being an all-female facility means it is an extra safe space to talk about life events.

So before considering which rehab is right for you, it is important to look at what you want to get out of it and what you would like your post-rehab life to look like. Once you have established your goals, you are then in a position to do your research into what rehab centre might be right for you to ensure that you meet your objectives and achieve all you want to achieve on your rehab journey.