Like so many charities and not for profit organisations across the country, The Hebron Trust is dependent on its Trustees to make sure that we operate in the interests of the women we are committed to supporting, as well as strategically overseeing the management and administration of the charity. So we are catching up with our fabulous Trustees, who so generously give of their time to support us, to find out a little bit more about what motivates them.

In this blog, we catch up with Hilary Jarrett…

How long have you been a Trustee?
About 23 years! Planning to retire in 2023

How did you first hear about Hebron?
My husband was approached to be on the fund-raising committee about 38 years ago. When my youngest child started school I became a volunteer. One thing led to another…..

What were your first impressions when you visited?
A family home but also a place of refuge and change.

What about Hebron are you most proud of?
How we are professional but also homely and nurturing.

When describing Hebron House to people who haven’t heard of it what messages are you keen to get across?
Addiction isn’t a matter of weakness of character; it is almost always in response to traumatic experiences. Coming into rehab is no picnic – it requires grit and determination to make a change.

Hebron is a charity. How does it fundraise and has it been impacted by the current pandemic?
Much of our money comes from grant making trusts. We have been able to source extra funding because of the pandemic for PPE so that has helped.

What expertise do you bring to the Board of Trustees?
My career was in nursing but have been a company director for the last 20 years with responsibility for finance in a family company.

If you only had three words to describe Hebron House and the work it does what would they be?
Welcome Hope & Change