I walked thought the doors of Hebron in February 2015, broken, having lost almost everything.

I had a restraining order against me by my former partner, not allowed to enter my own home and arrested on numerous occasions (spending many a night in a police cell).  I was frightened and felt incredibly alone. I was powerless over alcohol and I could not see a way out of my addiction.  In the end the only way out I could see was to end my life.  I could not and did not want to carry on in the painful web of addiction. I had hit my Rock Bottom.

After spending 3 months in a psychiatric hospital I was offered a place at Hebron House. I entered the house frightened and broken. Eyes wide like a rabbit in the headlights.

I spent 6 months at Hebron. It wasn’t easy. The days were structured starting with chores before a full day of different groups.   After 6 months of treatment I decided the best option was to relocate to Norwich. A new beginning, a fresh start. Away from the hustle and bustle of London.

I moved into Hebron’s move on house, Chapel House in July 2015. This is where I continued my journey in recovery with the love and support from Hebron, who were with me every step of the way (and still are to this day). Hebron’s aftercare and support are second to none.

Hebron helped me source many a volunteering role, including Hebron. This enabled me to decide that I wanted to work in recovery and to help some of the many women who walk through our doors.

I am passionate about recovery and enjoy my job at Hebron as a support worker helping other women on their journey to a better way of life.

Hebron House is very close to my heart and will always feel like home.