It was in the news recently that celebrity Katie Price had rolled her car whilst driving under the influence of drugs. The media reported that her family were concerned for her mental health and were hoping she would now “realise that she cannot battle her issues alone” and get the help she needed. She has since checked into The Priory rehabilitation centre.

Of course, when something like this happens involving a celebrity, the media and the public are quick to jump to conclusions and judge the situation, which is not helpful. However, it does shine a light on the issue of addiction and substance abuse and as a result of this it was the topic of discussion on Nicky Campbell’s Radio Five Live radio show. Our CEO, Emma Pawsey, was invited to join the phone in discussion to speak as an expert on the topic of addiction and rehab.

The discussion touched on how to ask for help and where to find support, as well as the issue of funding and how it can be a postcode lottery as it depends where you live as to whether there is funding for rehab. However, Emma stressed that whilst families might want their loved one to get help, ultimately it is up to the person themselves to decide they want to get help and make a change. As Emma says, it very often means someone has to hit rock bottom before reaching out and families are helpless until that person is ready to get help.

Listen to the full discussion Click Here.

We wish Katie Price and her family all the very best at this difficult time.